October 7, 2017

Amazon marketplace services


Amazon Marketing Services

Buyers Search for Products on Amazon three times more than google to buy products online. In recent survey 54% of people search their product on Amazon first to buy something, other 21% starts with search engines like google and Bing, 19% on brand retail sites and only 6% on other market/online stores. For getting more visitors on your product listing on Amazon you need to either use amazon pay per click or you need to rank first on the most searched/competitive keyword.

For most competitive keyword or search term the cost per click for amazon sponsor ad will be very high, which will increase the advertising budget, making your profit very thin. Instead of getting on the first page First, Second and Third position on amazon product search result can increase your sales by 30% to 40%. and you can reduce the Paid Advertising Budget. We can help you to get on the #1 position for desired keyword on amazon marketplace within a week.